We invite you to introduce your best friends to our best friends at Abel Pet Clinic!

We’ll help your pet live its best life. One that’s healthy and happy for years to come.

– Dr. Kelly Byam

small black and tan dog running happily with giant stick

Finding the right veterinarian for your pet can be challenging.

You not only want the best possible medical care, but you also want a veterinarian who will put YOU and YOUR pet’s interests first. Our team at Abel Pet Clinic loves to provide compassionate, outstanding care and will treat your family member as if it is one of theirs.

New Family Members WANTED

We LOVE to see new friendly faces every day. Your best friend will always be greeted by smiling and friendly faces from our highly trained and fully certified team.

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The Best Technology

We’ve invested in the best technology available with one goal in mind: To provide our clients with accurate results before you leave.

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The Best Medicine

At Abel Pet Clinic, your pet will receive medical attention from some of the best technicians and veterinarians in the Elk Grove area, as verified by the KCRA A-List. Our talented and caring team will give you confidence your pet is receiving the best veterinary care possible.

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